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A property survey describes maps and locates land ownership boundaries, corners, features and improvements.


Land and its improvements are major financial investments; therefore, boundaries should be located and mapped by a property survey and filed in public records.

Professional land surveying involves less time and expenses than moving a building, revising land development plans or defending a land boundary dispute in court.


To prevent unnecessary costs and inconvenience, give us a call prior to any land investments and property developments.          

A survey is a good investment

What exactly is a property survey?

A property should be surveyed when:

-  It is divided into parcels

-  It is to be sold, purchased or mortgaged

-  Improvements are planned or developed

-  Government regulations require a survey

  and map of your property

-  Boundaries or corners are uncertain

-  Property trespass is evidenced or suspected

When should property be surveyed?

-  The legal description of your property and related records will be evaluated and a survey

  made to locate, measure and monument the property boundaries and corners so they can

  be easily identified

-  A record of survey measurements notes and computations will be made, a survey plat or

  map prepared for public records, and copies provided as may be required

-  The property survey will be completed in compliance with applicable state, county and local

  government laws, codes and regulations

-  You will be informed of the discovery of any property description, boundary location,

  trespass, encroachment or other related problems that you should be aware of

-  Upon completion of the property survey, it is recommended that the boundary corner

  monuments be protected and preserved by the property owner

What will the surveyor do for me?

-  A copy of property deeds, abstract of title or title insurance commitment and maps and

  other available information relating to the property

-  If necessary, meet the Land Surveyor at the survey site for inspection or consultation

-  Consult with the Land Surveyor at the earliest opportunity; in some cases a survey may

  require several weeks to complete

What information will the surveyor need?

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